Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug? 5 Solutions

Substance abuse doesn’t just all of a sudden occur. Conditions predispose someone to addiction, and conditions allow substance abuse to carry on. For instance, an individual who is bored, stressed or depressed could search for methods to alleviate that monotony, stress or depression. On their behalf, if it’s accessible, marijuana could be the solution. Some say marijuana paves the way with other, more dangerous drugs, and by doing so marijuana is highly harmful.

Same with marijuana actually a ‘gateway’ with other drugs? Listed here are five solutions to that particular question from experts in the area of substance abuse, drug abuse and substance abuse treatment.

YES. Based on research conducted recently through the Focus on Addiction and Drug Abuse at Columbia College, there is a pronounced improvement in future drug abuse between kids who used marijuana and individuals who didn’t. Actually, teens who smoke marijuana are 85 occasions more prone to use cocaine than individuals who don’t.

YES. Inside a study of 311 youthful adult pairs in 2003, Michael T. Lynskey, Ph.D., discovered that “Those who used cannabis by age 17 years had likelihood of other drug abuse, alcohol dependence, and substance abuseOrreliance which were 2.1 to five.two occasions greater than individuals of the co-twin, who didn’t use cannabis before age 17 years… Particularly, early use of and employ of cannabis may reduce perceived barriers against using other illegal drugs and supply use of these drugs.”

YES. THC, the psychoactive component within the marijuana plant is “sticky”. Meaning it’s not easily dissolvable in water but dissolves effortlessly in fatty tissues and may remain lodged there lengthy after use. As trace amounts re-go into the blood stream because of exercise or any other energetic exercise, cravings for that high begin. The consumer seeks a resource for a lot of drug, namely, an unlawful drug dealer. This exposes the individual to other drugs of abuse.

YES. Based on a 2002 report, “Initiation of Marijuana Use: Trends, Patterns and Implications” in the US Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the more youthful youngsters are once they first use marijuana, the much more likely they’re to make use of cocaine and heroin and be determined by drugs as adults.

YES. Based on research from NIDA, the nation’s Institute on Substance Abuse: “Prior marijuana use was carefully connected using the chance to test cocaine and the probability of youthful people beginning to make use of cocaine once because of the chance. One of the youthful individuals who received the opportunity to try cocaine, individuals who have been already using marijuana were 15 occasions more prone to use cocaine than individuals who didn’t use marijuana. About 50 % of marijuana users used cocaine within 24 months of the first chance to do this. However, among youthful individuals who not used at all marijuana, less than 10 % initiated cocaine use.”

So, even though it is Not the case that individuals using marijuana always proceed to harder drugs, the probabilities they’ll try other drugs after mistreating marijuana, in line with the figures, greatly increase.