June 12, 2024

Medical Uses of Cannabis

Glass weed jars

Cannabis, in its various forms, has shown various medical benefits to users. The major constituents (cannabinoids) of cannabis are CBD and THC. The former can help the brain function more effectively. Moreover, the latter can help relieve pain in addition to its psychoactive properties.

If you plan to use this plant and its properties for medical uses, it’s vital that the packaging for cannabis products is pristine. This way, you will not risk your health and safety. With that said, here are some medical uses of this cannabis. 

Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

Cannabis contains chemical substances called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have been linked with providing relief to patients experiencing chronic pain. Therefore, medical cannabis, a by-product of cannabis, is explicitly used for this purpose. 

Helps with Epilepsy

One of the most promising medical uses of cannabis is how it can help treat epilepsy. The FDA-approved drug called Epidolex is based on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. That said, there are some potential side effects. 

May Help Lose Weight

In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can use cannabis to help weight loss. Cannabis can help regulate insulin in your body and help manage caloric intake. If you plan to use it for weight management, ensure that you store your cannabis product in a container made by a well-known cannabis packaging company. This way, you won’t risk your product going bad. 

May Help Alleviate Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve connecting the eye to the brain gets damaged due to high intraocular pressure. Therefore, effective treatment for it is necessary to prevent complete vision loss. In some cases of glaucoma, patients may also experience pain, and cannabis use can help keep that at bay.

Can Help with Managing PTSD Symptoms

Anyone who has faced severe trauma in their lives can have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Therefore, patients may experience symptoms when an external or internal factor triggers them. So, cannabis use can help manage the fight or flight response when activated.

It can prevent the reaction from escalating, which could potentially be harmful to the patient. If you plan to use this drug for this case, make sure you have high-quality packaging for cannabis products so that you have them at your disposal whenever necessary. 

Alleviates Anxiety

Using cannabis, either smoking it or consuming it as an edible, can help you feel relaxed and calm. CBD specifically has this property as well. So, you can take CBD tinctures to help you relax as well. In addition to assisting people in staying relaxed, cannabis can also help alleviate some anxiety symptoms. If you are diagnosed with anxiety and take medication for it, make sure to consult your doctor before taking a cannabis product. 

Can Relieve with Symptoms of Depression

Cannabis has shown some promise in relieving some symptoms of certain mental health conditions, including depression. Endocannabinoid compounds present in cannabis can help stabilize patients’ moods and ease depression in the long term.

There is still more research to be done to determine its effectiveness. Moreover, some mental health conditions such as psychosis and bipolar disorder cannot be treated with cannabis. 

Can Alleviate Cancer Treatment Symptoms

Evidence suggests that adult cancer patients can take cannabis products orally to alleviate the nausea vomiting symptoms of chemotherapy. In that case, they act as antiemetics. If you have children, use well-made and child-proof cannabis storage jars so that your children don’t mistakenly consume them.

Moreover, more studies are being done on whether smoking marijuana can also help with these symptoms. Preliminary analyses indicate that it can help.

Can Help Manage Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Cannabis use can provide some relief to patients with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. THC and CBD can help improve individuals’ immune responses while simultaneously interacting with cells that are instrumental to the gut’s proper functionality. Cannabis use among those patients can help keep away bacteria and other compounds that cause intestine inflammation.

May Improve Lung Capacity

No evidence links smoking marijuana with lung cancer like there is with smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, some research indicates that smoking cannabis may increase overall lung capacity, which can prove helpful for some musicians with wind musical instruments. If you smoke cannabis often, storing it in glass weed jars can always keep it fresh. 

May Help with Multiple Sclerosis

Patients with multiple sclerosis are known to experience spasticity, which can cause pain. Thus, using oral cannabinoids in small doses may improve these symptoms. That said, there is still more research required to claim with certainty the positive effects of cannabis in this case.

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