June 12, 2024

Side Effects of Quitting Marijuana

Individuals who abuse drugs would sooner or later get addicted and suffer. Among the many harmful substances, marijuana or cannabis has become one of the most commonly abused drugs today. Those who realize this would be aware of the importance in quitting their dirty habits and starting over. However, if you were to suddenly quit smoking marijuana, it would leave you with a couple of side effects depending on the intensity and frequency of your drug intake.

Quitting marijuana requires a comprehensive detoxifying treatment which all rehabilitation and drug detoxifying centers provide. To make sure that patients don’t suffer until they relapse, rehab centers walk with their inmates through a step by step journey while holding them steady. Otherwise, they would suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms confront various mental and physical challenges and vary from mild worry to severe depression.

Mild symptoms like anxiety, restlessness and insomnia occurs as soon as you quit. You would find yourself agitated and holding the attention span of a five year old simply because you’d be craving for a quick fix. At this time, hold on to your willpower and don’t let your cravings break you. Another common side effect from quitting marijuana would be loss of appetite. Your mind would be automatically focused on smoking a joint, you’d lose the will to need anything else aside from marijuana. In addition from that, users would also have strange nightmares associated with insomnia and sleep apnea as well.

In conclusion, if you’re a marijuana user, it would be wise to slowly start quitting today and be aware of the many side effects that would come along with it and be prepared to deal with it. Don’t let it stop you from quitting as this can boost the quality of your life in a long run.